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Survey: 77% of Russian Investors Prefer Bitcoin to Gold and Foreign Exchange

When it comes to Bitcoin and other digital assets, the Association of Currency Brokers (AFD) undertook a poll of Russian investors to evaluate their opinions. When it comes to gold and foreign money, the great majority of respondents prefer Bitcoin to gold.

A whopping 77 percent of respondents indicated that Bitcoin and crypto assets are the “most forward-looking” investment on their radars now. Gold, on the other hand, was picked by just 8.8% of respondents as the best investment. “Familiar national currencies” have a somewhat higher preference rate of around 14%.

There are only 23% of investors who have never used Bitcoin. Of those who expect to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto assets soon, 77 percent indicated they will. There were only 7.6% of individuals who had never used Bitcoin who strongly disagreed with its inclusion. One-fifth of those polled were unsure if it was worthwhile to invest in Bitcoin.

Russian investors no longer view Bitcoin as a “scam,” according to AFD head Evgeny Masharov. The results of the poll will be forwarded to the Bank of Russia and the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets by AFD. Earlier this year, the World Gold Council conducted a poll to find out how many Russians are using Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. In contrast to the authoritarian beliefs of European governments, the Russian people is increasingly adopting and using Bitcoin.

Survey: 77% of Russian Investors Prefer Bitcoin to Gold and Foreign Exchange
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