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What is Bitcoin (BTC) Price?

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency invented in 2009 by an unknown individual using the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are completed without the need of a middleman – that is, without the use of banks! Bitcoin may be used to book hotel rooms on Expedia, buy furniture on Overstock, and purchase Xbox games. However, most of the excitement revolves around making money by trading it. In 2017, the price of bitcoin soared into the thousands.

What is the significance of bitcoin?

Bitcoins may be used to make anonymous purchases. Furthermore, because bitcoins are not connected to any government or regulated, international transfers are simple and inexpensive. They may appeal to small companies because there are no credit card fees.


People can transmit bitcoins to one another using mobile applications or desktops. It’s analogous to sending money digitally.


People compete to “mine” bitcoins by solving hard arithmetic puzzles with computers. This is the process through which bitcoins are generated. Currently, every 10 minutes, a winner is awarded 12.5 bitcoins.

You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) from the following exchanges;

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