New ICO started: FLDBcoin

What is FLDBcoin?

FLDB will be an autonomous DAO driven by defi, designed to act as an unprecedented Decentralized and extensive freelance platform. It not only provides the best experience B2B (business-to-business) but also pay attention to P2P (peer-to-peer) interaction With its intuitive user interface, it can match skilled freelancers to post global job postings and all low-commission transactions. It brings a new innovative model to ensure professional mediation to ensure the best quality for employers and employers Staff work.

The open market has given us an unreliable experience, leaving us with a different Experience freelance/employer and workforce not suitable for employers. This promoted a huge sell-off between subcontracting models, and the intermediary paid more than it should be for this work. This scene brought a lot of distrust and suspicion, Adjust close to ideal results for employers, rather than convenient/satisfactory salary For employees.

“Globalization” such as technological progress, the Internet, and multinational companies. But our human instincts blinded us, unable to use this great blessing to take advantage of every Available human resources, regardless of distance. As a result, today’s unemployment problem has been resolved, and other similar synonyms-underemployment and Over-employment makes all holders of shares completely dissatisfied with the game. There is an increasing need to solve and solve this problem.

Here, FLDB is the only solution that has never been thought of, and it is truly free for the first time in history. FLDB coins will bring game-changing strategies for freelancers, bringing accurate matches, and employer-employees will bring them into a closer range. This ensures that “the right people, the right jobs, and the right salary” make the “supply and demand” curve meaningful both in terms of quantity and quality. Here, this platform also accommodates various Players on the open market today.

Currently, existing platforms are trying to decentralize, but the result is only The “niche” part of the market. And those who cross the “broader” part of the market are forced to concentrate. FLDB is bridging this gap by using blockchain to create a new dawn technology.

How can you but FLDBcoin?

Follow the steps to buy FLDB coin.

  • Register to FLDBcoin web site.
  • Login to the website and click Buy Token Now
  • Choose the currency which you want to pay with
  • Enter Amount of contribute and click Make Payment
  • Choose Pay with CoinPayments, click Buy Token Now and finish the process.
  • For more details watch the video.

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New ICO started: FLDBcoin
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